Multi Bulk Loading Station Stacked

Hymek has developed a custom Bulk Loading Reel System for Mærsk Innovator. The system is designed on the basis that it is to be placed on a Jack Up Rig with limited space. The design and construction is there for optimized and based on available footprint.


The main reason for Mærsk Drilling choosing Hymeks solution is their focus on life cycle cost and cost efficiency. Hymek supplies sustainable construction in corrotion free materials. Such as frame in stainless steel SSL316L and extensive use of polymer. In addition Hymeks focus on installation and technical solution for a longer and more efficient life cycle cost was key factors for choosing Hymek as Mærsks supplier.

In total the order comprise 18 Bulk Loading Stations, which are to be mounted on Mærsk Innovator. Mærsk Innovator is going to be placed at the Ekofisk field in the North Sea and is scheduled to perform operations for PPCON.


Hymek is very pleased to announce this news and we thank Mærsk for their confidence. We look forward to a good and productive cooperation.


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